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St. Mary of the Assumption
St. Mary's History

Brief History of St. Mary of the Assumption Church


St. Mary of the Assumption Church was established in 1837 when a small group of settlers came from France looking for religious freedom.  Upon the banks of the Embarras River, the settlers established their community and dedicated it to Blessed Virgin Mary.  At first the settlers used homes to celebrate mass until the first frame church was built in 1842.  Since then there have been three other buildings.  A brick church, the first of three brick churches, was completed in 1850.  Then in 1892, due to the need for a larger church, a new brick building was completed and used until destroyed by a fire in March 1933.  The present church was completed and dedicated in 1935.

Today, St. Mary of the Assumption Church continues to thrive but as a smaller congregation.  It is the involvement of its many dedicated parishioners, both young and old, that has kept the spirit of this parish alive today.




Old St. Mary's Church
St. Mary's Parochial School
St. Mary's School Children
St. Mary's School
Old St. Mary's Church Hall
St. Mary of the Assumption
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